Download and Install Android P 9.0 for Redmi Note 4


Every year a new version of an android Pops out and this time also we have got android P in rumors and news. Yes, android P will be the next version of Android, while everyone is busy guessing the name of android P we are here to tell you the amazing features of android P which are confirmed not officially but through some sources. Android P will be the amazing Android and Google devices will get the beta previews first for sure. (Android P 9.0 for Redmi Note 4)

We have mentioned some of the latest and confirmed features of android P but remember that these features have not been officially announced so it’s possible that the features listed below are only rumors but there is a strong possibility that the next android will get these features. Android has been the greatest development of Google and gives the competition in the smartphone market. Android p will be released soon in this year you just have to wait and visit this page daily to know more about android P.

Install Android P 9.0 for Redmi Note 4

Install Lineage Os 16 for Redmi Note 4

Finally, the wait is over, Lineage Os 16 is now available for Redmi Note 4 now. You can download it from here if you wanna try or want the android P 9.0 experience in your Redmi Note 4. As you guys know Redmi Note 4 will not get official android P update. But you can Install Android P 9.0 for Redmi Note 4.

Android P 9.0 for Redmi Note 4

We have covered so many Android P 9.0 articles on our website. You can check this too. We will teach how you can Install Android 8.0 Oreo on Redmi Note 4 [Lineage OS ROM]We have given all the downloadable links and download all the files. We will update the ROM version whenever it gets the update. This ROM may have some minor issues. This ROM is not stable for now.

I will not recommend you guys to use this ROM as your daily driver. Yeah if you want to experience it you can flash then. Till then wait for next update.

What comes New in Android P 9.0

There have been a lot of changes done in Android P 9.0 interface, few new features are added as well. Which we have written down below.

Indoor navigation

The amazing feature gives you the liberty to track down your accurate location in the indoors. If you are familiar with using the Google maps for tracking then you might know that the Google shows shape of the buildings rather than the indoors but now this will not last long as the new Android P will allow you to track and see the places inside a building or hall rather than the shape of buildings and you can navigate your locations also while being inside a building or structure or your house.

Native support for HDR and HEIF

Most of the users are not familiar with the term HEIF, it’s an image format which allows you to save the high-quality image in the small size so that you can have more storage without compromising the image quality and yes this type of format will be supported by the Android P which is an amazing concept. You can take high-quality images or videos with HDR mode and can save it in small size. This is a good option for the devices which runs out of storage due to its camera’s high-quality pictures.

Security, revamped

Some security improvements are also done in android P so the users of the latest Android will become more secure and no anonymous force can attack them which is a good step in the development. All the security models of android P will be updated time to time to keep it safe.The new security improvements include updates like app block which doesn’t allow an app to record you secretly or store the sensitive information you share with it.

Attractive Design

The new app icons and UI will be introduced in the new Android P which will be much more interesting when you will see it working. Android P interface will be more attractive and amazing and you will be amazed to use it on your device.


Before starting this tutorial make sure your device is rooted and has the latest custom recovery like TWRP/CWM. is not responsible for any damage caused to your mobile during the process. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. How to Install Android P 9.0 for Redmi Note 4.


  • Make sure your phone is charged up to 80%
  • Your device is rooted.
  • Make the Backup of important apps, messages, and contacts.
  • Latest CWM/ TWRP recovery must be installed.
  • Do not try this guide on any other Android device.

Steps to Install Android P 9.0 for Redmi Note 4

  • First of all, Install TWRP Recovery and Unlock bootloader Redmi Note 4.
  • Download the Lineage os 16 ROM file as well as the GApps file, and transfer it to your Redmi Note 4 using your data cable. (put it on your SD card or pen drive, because we never know which ROM clear your data.)
  • Reboot your Redmi Note 3 into the recovery mode by pressing Volume Down + volume up + power key.
  • Once you are in Recovery Mode, clear Wipe Cache/Dalvik and then go to install and flash the Lineage Os ROM. After this flash Super Su & GApps files, then go back and reboot it.
  • Done!!!!!


Lineage Os 16 ROM for Redmi Note 4 (Android P 9.0)


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