How To Install Google Pixel 2 Camera App Port on Pixel or Nexus Devices


I think you guys heard about the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2. The thing which surprises me in these two phones is the camera (actually both phones are same only Storage and Size difference :P). I really didn’t expect this at the end movement. In single Camera, we can click depth view pictures like DSLR one or the dual camera phones one. This time Google did a very good job with their phones. I really appreciate their work and hard work. Install Google Pixel 2 Camera App Port on Pixel or Nexus Devices but before comparing or Installing the new camera, let me tell you few things:-

  1. It will not work on any other android except android Oreo 8.0
  2. It is only available for Pixel and Nexus devices.
  3. This version is not available on the play store.


As you can see the screenShots in the front of you, the UI & the design of the Google’s Camera is same but now it is supporting few new thing like 2k, 4k and much more…

There’s also the new Lens Blur icon which is now represented by a flower instead of a lens. The new icon better indicates that lens blur works with close up objects.

The UI for Autofocus and exposure has also been slightly modified to make it easier to adjust.

As we have clearly shown you all the screenshots of the Google’s latest Camera app. Now its turn to talk about the features.


There is only one and major feature which I noticed is Lens Blur icon change 😛 ok apart from joke There are no major changes the only changes are you can blur the lens and take the depth view pictures. And few other changes are like “face retouching” for selfies, an improved version of HDR+ called “HDR+ enhanced”, and a warning on the screen when flash is turned on. Rest of the changes I have explained above.

Install Google Pixel 2 Camera App Port on Pixel or Nexus Devices and enjoy the new Google’s camera app.


Camera v5.0

Camera v5.1

This is my own view about this Google’s new camera app. I hope you guys understand the whats new in the camera app. I don’t copy paste the things or just read it from Google and typed in firstly I analysis the things then give my official, point of view on the camera App.

Please don’t forget to give your feedback, as it is very important for us 🙂

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