Install Whatsapp Picture-in-Picture Mode for Video Call


WhatsApp is going to introduce its new feature. As you know guys, Google is going to introduced it’s new Picture-in-Picture mode (PiP). In Android O, there is PiP mode for youtube. Whatsapp is going to add Picture-in-Picture Mode for Video Call in Android O. In my opinion, this will going to be one of the best feature. And very soon every social media App or video calling apps will adopt this feature. (Whatsapp Picture-in-Picture Mode for Video Call)

Whatsapp Picture-in-Picture Mode for Video Call

The picture-in-picture mode will really help the users to do multitasking. Whatsapp is not the first app who adopts this feature, this PiP mode is already used by YouTube, Dou & VLC Beta etc. For this feature, you need to have Android O on your device or maybe in future, this will be available for Nougat. You can now do Video chat and Text messaging at a time. We have shown some images how it will look. We have also shared the guide to enable picture-in-picture mode in WhatsApp for video call in android O. (Whatsapp Picture-in-Picture Mode for Video Call)


Android O (for now)

Whatsapp Beta tester

Latest WhatsApp App (Beta Mode)

Enable Whatsapp Picture-in-Picture Mode for Video Call in Android O

  1. First of all, become a Whatsapp Beta Tester. If you are not a beta tester then, you will see an option become beta and it will take 15-30 Minutes.
  2. Then, you will see an Update Option.

Then, click on update and it will start downloading in the latest Whatsapp PiP mode.

And your WhatsApp is having the latest PiP feature and you will see some like this.


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Source: AndroidPolice


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