Top 7 Best Wallet Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 8


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the best smartphone available in the market with premium looks and hardcore performance. It is a perfect combination of beauty and the beast.

Cases are good choices in order to make the device look decorative, stylish, beautiful, handy and apart from this it protects your device from screen scratches, sudden drops, dust and more. Wallet cases are one of the best cases. So Here we have listed top 7 best wallet cases for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Best Wallet Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 8:-

  • Spigen Slim Armor CS:-

– On the top of this list, we have the best wallet case for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from a very well-known brand Spigen.
– ‎On the very first look, it is surprisingly that it looks like a normal traditional phone case from the front.
– ‎On the back of this wallet case, there are two hidden card slots have been featured.
– ‎You can put emergency cash instead of having a wallet.
– ‎This wallet case is available in market at approx $16.
2- Griffin Survivor Clear Wallet:-


– From a brand called Griffin, we have another best wallet case for this Galaxy Note 8 users who love their phone’s design but also wish to secure it.
– ‎Basically, the back of this wallet case is made up of rugged TPU and it is completely clear at back. So that you can show off the looks of your Galaxy Note 8.
– ‎The front is made up of polycarbonate which contains three card slots so that beyond protecting your phone you can also make it useful as a wallet.
– ‎It is available for approx $25.
3- Story Leather:-

– Story Leather is one of the expensive cases in this list for those who have to have pure leather handcrafted things.
– ‎Yes! This is a handcrafted wallet case which not only looks but also feels good in hands for a flagship smartphone the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
– ‎There are more than 50 colors and textures for your wallet case available on Story Leather’s website.
– ‎It is a bit expensive to buy for approx $90.
4- Samsung LED Wallet Cover:-

– For Samsung lovers, we have an official wallet case for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung itself.
– ‎This case is sleek in design and it features a single card slot so that you can also store your cash or cards in it.
– ‎Apart from all that, without exposing the screen you just have to press the power button to notifications and current time through LED.
– ‎It is available in the market for approx. $60.
5- ProCase Genuine Leather Wallet Case:-

– From its name, it is easy to understand that this case is a pro and genuine type of leather case for Galaxy Note 8.
– ‎It has a flashy great look and it also protects your Note 8 from sudden drop damages and edge damages because of its form-fitting inner shell.
– ‎It contains three card slots by which you can carry emergency cash or cards with you.
– ‎The black leather unit is available for approx $28 and the red leather unit is available for $30.
6- Ringke Slim Case w/ slot card holder:-

– One of the cheapest and best wallet case for your Galaxy Note 8 from the brand Ringke.
– ‎It only weighs around 2 mm and it has a super sleek look.
– ‎This wallet case is made up of polycarbonate through which it will protect your phone from sudden drop damages.
– ‎It contains only a single card slot for cash and credit cards carry needs.
– ‎The classic black unit is available for approx $8 and salmon pink and blue unit is available for $10.

7- Nomad Folio Wallet Case:-

– On the last of this list but not the least in specifications and looks we have Nomad Folio Wallet Case.
– ‎It will not only protect your phone from sudden damages but also work as a good wallet case.
– ‎It contains the maximum number of slots as 6 card slots and folded cash. It not only looks good but also feels comfortable in hands.
– ‎Inside part of this case has microfiber lining for durability.
– ‎This wallet case is available with a price tag of approx $50.

Comment below guys if you know any other best wallet cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to be listed here in the list and let us know if you have any questions. Stay tuned with us to get more regular updates. Have Fun!!!



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