How to fix ‘Unfortunately Message app has stopped’ error


Today we are going to discuss a problem which is faced by almost all the android users which are, this or that app has unfortunately stopped working. You may have seen this error before on your device and ignored it due to some reasons as after some time that app will start working but assume that you are a big problem and you need your smartphone to message your near and dear and then this problem shows up when you can’t do anything about it but now you can. We will tell you the various ways by which you can fix your message application which is by default installed on your android smartphone. The solutions to this problem are many but we will tell you the best out of it, to know more continue reading this guide. (How to fix ‘Unfortunately Message app has stopped’ error)

How to fix ‘Unfortunately Message app has stopped’ error

The problem which we are discussing upon is faced commonly by the Android smartphone users, but if you ignore it any longer then this problem begins to grow and then the one day comes when you can no longer use the message application on your phone as the message “The app has stopped, unfortunately,” pops out every time you try to run the application. You must have to fix this problem if you don’t want it to grow bigger.

There are some reasons for which you are sawing this message. However, there is no exact reasons have been found why Android device display this error message – but it could be due to lots of text messages saved on your phone or your phone has lots of junk files. If you have not cleaned your Android phone for a longer period of time, then it gathers lots of junk files.

Solutions to fix “Unfortunately Message app has stopped” error

#  Restart your Device

If you are getting this message frequently on your device then you should soft restart your device. IF you have not rebooted your device for a long time then you must shut it down and then restart it after 1-2 minutes.

# Clear Cache and Clear Data of Message App

  • Open Settings on your Android. , tap on Application and then on Application Manager and swipe to get the All Tab [I am using Samsung S7 Edge].
  • Now look for Message app in the All Application tab.
  • Tap on Message app and then tap on “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache”.

# Check Your Custom ROM (If installed any)

If you have installed any new custom ROM on your device recently then it may be its fault, some custom ROM has bugs in it so try to remove the custom ROM which is installed on your device and try the new one which is stable for your device.

# Uninstall Message App and try re-installing it 

Try re-installing message app. You can only opt this option if you are using a rooted phone as you will need the root permission to remove any system app but it’s a good option for the users facing this problem and most of the users have recovered from this problem after opting this option.

# Stop using 3rd party Messaging App

Some users may face this problem by using a 3rd party messaging application like if you install any app related to calls and messages it will pop out a message which will tell you to make it your default messaging app and you will choose that application to be your default messaging app in the hurry to use that application. If you have done this mistake then you must switch back to your system messaging app.

# Factory Reset your Android Device [Last Option]

This is the last option which can make this problem fixed. Mostly this option is not opted by the user as this will remove all the things from your device and make it like a new. If you still wanted to Factory reset your device then just follow the steps below.

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