Download and Install Lineage OS 15 for Galaxy NOTE 3


Download and Install Lineage OS 15 for Galaxy NOTE 3: Lineage OS 15 as we all know is the first Custom ROM to get android Oreo, which is the latest version of Android released by google a few months ago. Galaxy Note 3 users can now install Lineage OS 15 for Galaxy Note 3. Installing Lineage OS 15 on Galaxy Note 3 is a very easy process you can download and install Lineage OS 15 on Galaxy Note 3 by following this guide. Lineage OS 15 is the best custom ROM for Galaxy Note 3 available at this time as this ROM will give you the full experience of using Android Oreo on Galaxy Note 3. Galaxy Note 3 is a powerful device and was popular in its time so android Oreo will perform great on Galaxy Note 3. Though the Galaxy Note 3 doesn’t receive the official update for android Oreo so you have to install a custom ROM like Lineage OS 15 on Galaxy Note 3 which is a good custom ROM to experience Android Oreo on Galaxy Note 3. In order to install Lineage OS 15 on Galaxy Note 3, you have to follow the steps mentioned below carefully for a successful procedure.

Lineage OS 15 for Galaxy NOTE 3

Install Lineage OS 15 for Galaxy NOTE 3

Android Oreo was the most awaited android among tech enthusiastic as the new Android Oreo has some amazing features and functionalities plus it’s the most stable version of Android for the latest smartphones. Currently, most of the devices haven’t get the Android Oreo update officially for their device but they still are using Android Oreo on their smartphones. They are able to use Android Oreo on their device with the help of a custom ROM and the first and best custom ROM available on Android Oreo is Lineage OS 15. Lineage OS 15 got popular over time due to its amazing stability on most of the device and for the highly rated performance. If you want to get android Oreo for your Galaxy Note 3 then you must follow this guide from tip to toe.

We have prepared a full guide to install Lineage OS 15 on Galaxy Note 3. The guide contains all the necessary steps and download links for the file which you will need in the process of installing Lineage OS 15 on Galaxy Note 3. Don’t miss or skip any step in this guide because that can cause a harm to your device. We have some information which you will need to know before following this guide.


Before starting this tutorial make sure your device is rooted and has the latest custom recovery like TWRP/CWM. is not responsible for any damage caused to your mobile during the process. DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. Download and Install Lineage OS 15 for Galaxy Note 3.


Make sure your phone is charged up to 80%
Make the Backup of important apps, messages, and contacts.
Don’t try this guide on any other phone.
you need to root your device.
You need to install and recovery mode like TWRP & CWM.

Steps To Install Lineage OS 15 for Galaxy Note 3

  • Firstly, unlock bootloader and install TWRP on your device.
  • Then, boot your device into TWRP/CWM Recovery mode.

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  • In TWRP mode, you have to wipe all the dataDalvik caches, etc.

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  • Put all the files on the SD card not in the external because everything will be wiped out.
  • Now, go to install and flash LineageOs file and too but then only if you want to root your phone.
  • And install GApps also.
  • Done!! now you can enjoy Lineage Os 15 ROM Android 8.0 Oreo.


Lineage OS 15 for Galaxy NOTE 3


Without custom ROM life will be very simple for me. I love to flash customs. And my favorite one is Ressurection Remix ROM. Let me know your favorite custom ROMs in the comment section.

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