How To Take Scrolling Screenshots on Any Android Device


Taking ScreenShot is one of the common thing and most important feature of a smartphone without this feature smartphone is totally waste. Now, there is one new feature or mode is adding in the Screenshot and the name is Scrolling Screenshots. Nowadays this is also becoming one of the most important feature but this scrolling screenshots feature is only in the Oneplus and Xiaomi. No, other device having this option right now but may be later they can add it. Today, tutorial is based on the How To Take Scrolling Screenshots on Any Android Device.

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Take Scrolling Screenshots on Any Android Device

We will show you some apps from which you will be able to take Long screenshots or scrolling screenshots. But I must say there is no app like the stock which you get in your device theme or UI. The scrolling screenshots helps you when you want to store all the information in one screenShot and even when you are browsing then sometimes you also need to capture the whole info in one Screenshot. (How To Take Scrolling Screenshots on Any Android Device)

  • Long ScreenShots

First of all, install the Long Screenshot app from the playstore.

Then open it and enable the capture screenshot.


Then, go to settings and choose the file where you want to keep the photos after stiching.

Then, select the images which you want to stich.

Now, select the photos which you want to join.


Then, click on join or if want to do any adjustment the click on “Adjust


  • Scroll Capture

Download the Scroll Capture App and open it.

Do as we have mention in the picture and click on the capture button.

Then, you will see a paint brush roller and do the as brush is doing.

And yeah you are good to go. Check the picture from your gallary.

The one thing which I want to say about this app is it has really a good feature to make the long screenshot clear otherwise If you take a long screenshot like this, then the picture got blured. Yes, I have faced this in MIUI. (How To Take Scrolling Screenshots on Any Android Device)

  • Bonus App

We have one more app like this but we will not show you the whole process or Step-by-step guide cause it is also same like these apps. 1st one is stich & share and 2nd one is  Screenshot Joint. These apps are similar like, you are Taking MIUI and OnePlus 5-Like Scrolling Screenshots On Any Android Device.

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